Thursday, October 14, 2010

360Kerala is the first and the only venture to make a comprehensive virtual tour about a state in India. It makes available the real life experience to the spectator for all the important places, historical monuments, cultural heritage, and folklore arts of Kerala. It also helps to promote and uncover many mysterious art forms, traditions and places which are alien to the world. Hence this is not only an authentic record of Kerala state but also a window for the world to touch and breath the Kerala air without stepping down to her sand.
360Kerala is a new venture in photographic medium founded by Leen Thobias, the accredited photojournalist. By incorporating the latest technologies in multimedia and information technology with photography, 360Kerala is creating new dimensions in visual medium. 360° Interactive panorama, HDR Photography, Three Dimension photography etc. exemplify this.

Vision and Mission

God’s own country, Kerala is gifted for the natural resources, scenic beauties, climatic conditions and cultural heritage. It is our responsibility to protect our land as virgin , preserve our cultural heritages and promote our near-extinct folklore arts forms for the forthcoming generations. Also , we are liable to expose our natural assets and gifts to the outside world. As a multimedia tool 360° Interactive Panorama is the best suited medium for a visual documentation. A comprehensive virtual tour about Kerala state to portray all these grandeurs is our vision, also the mission.

The Author & Creative Director

Leen has secured national and international recognition and also acknowledged by the Limca Book of World Records for carrying out the first Photo Biography in India which is about Padmabhushan Dr.K.J Yesudas. Besides getting schooling and training from various nationally and internationally renowned establishments, Leen got training at Thomson Foundation, UK, IFRA Asia, Light And Life Academy India etc. His 15 years’ experience as a photo journalist in various reputed establishments has paved a new path in the new age photography. Thus he specializes in 360° Photography, Object Photography and 3D Photography. Apart from the routine photography Leen sees ever widening scopes in photography. He goes on with his career by giving life and color to everything in the universe..

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